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Believe in your imagination, because at Belleve Bricks, we believe in turning your imagination into reality. With our team of talented and experienced designers, we can create a completely custom LEGO® Model just for you! 

Whether it's a scene from your favorite movie or TV show, a replica of a famous building or monument, or something completely original, we can make it happen. And if you need the bricks to build it yourself, we can ship them right to your door! So what are you waiting for? Let Belleve Bricks help you bring your imagination to life!

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This Is What You Get

Our team of designers will design a custom LEGO® Model for you, based on your specific needs and desires.
Get a custom MOC designed for you and your loved ones
A unique gift that will last a lifetime
Promote your business with LEGO®
A great gift for any occasion
We use only genuine LEGO® bricks and parts
High quality digital building instructions
Free aftercare support 
Free revisions

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Just a Few Steps Until Your Imagination Becomes Reality

1. Fill out the form with your information and the details of your desired LEGO® Model.

2. Belleve Bricks will send you a quote for your LEGO® Model.

3. If you decide to move forward with the project, Belleve Bricks will send you a payment link.

4. After you have paid, Belleve Bricks will start designing your LEGO® Model.

5. Once the LEGO® MOC Design is finished, Belleve Bricks will send it to you and if you have chosen
for us to supply the bricks the bricks will be shipped right to your door

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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

What is a LEGO® MOC?
A LEGO® MOC stands for a "My Own Creation" and is a custom made LEGO® toy or structure that is designed by someone other than the company who produces LEGO® sets.
Can Belleve Bricks Supply the Bricks?
Yes, we can ship the bricks required to build the LEGO® Model to you if you'd like.
Can you share any more examples of your designs?
Yes, you can ask in the contact form.
Will I be able to check the design and change it if needed?
Yes, you have free revisions until you are happy with your LEGO® Model.
Is there anything you can't design?
Our team of multiple skilled designers are able to design anything.
Can you work to my budget?
Yes, we are happy to work to your budget.
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